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Understand death to understand life

In life, we must train our mind for several events – both good and bad. For instance, our preparation for an exam determines whether we will pass that exam with flying colors or whether we will end up failing and taking the exam again. While it is sometimes possible to pass the exams on a… Read More »

Every end is the beginning of something

When something bad ends, we feel great and say to ourselves: “Thank God, the trials and tribulations have ended.” When something good ends, we feel sad and say to ourselves: “Why did this ever come to an end?” It is spiritual wisdom that reminds us that beginnings are endings and endings are also beginnings. The… Read More »

Mandala – Through The Tibetan Art That Represents The Beginning & End of Creation

Mandalas have a prominent role in Tibetan Buddhism. A mandala is a pictorial representation of the universe. It is a painting, created in coloured sands on a table, or a visualisation in the mind of a very skilled adept. The mandala is typically a depiction of a palace where one’s consciousness travels during meditation. Each… Read More »