5 simple habits that will make you prosperous

Sometimes things go haywire in our life and we find ourselves struck by endless struggles and misfortune, which could have been knowingly or unknowingly caused due to some of our day-to-day habits. According to Vedic astrology, every action done by or habit of living beings is linked to one or more of the 9 planets (Navagrahas). When we change our habits to produce good/divine actions, we are blessed by these 9 planets, which will ultimately help us lead a prosperous life while we remain in this body but also after we shed this physical body and move on to the next life in a new body. Here is a list of 5 simple habits that will make you more prosperous. If it is too hard for you to implement all of them in one go, then implement them one by one, but make sure that the habit becomes sustainable.

  1. Take care of your footwear

Ancient seers and sages have said that a person’s feet are the road to his/her destiny and how well he/she manages his/her foot health, could lead to a lot of opportunities and mishaps. This is the reason why our ancestors emphasized on washing our feet every time we entered our home. So that the negative energy of the external world does not disrupt the peace and prosperity of our home. According to astrology, our footwear’s are related to planet Saturn, which rules the West direction, so placing a shoe rack in the west direction is most favorable. Never place your shoes or shoe rack in front of the main door, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the prayer room of your house, as this is bound to bring negative impact to your life. Make sure that you throw away torn or unused shoes as this brings bad luck. Do not wear someone else’s shoes as this act would transfer their destiny to you. If their destiny is bad, you will also be affected. If you are suffering from any problem in your life, you can also donate shoes to the poor people as remedy. Usually avoid brown colour shoes for work as this is believed to bring bad luck especially in job interviews. Never hang your shoes anywhere, as this can bring death, misfortunes and health problems to family members. A pair of shoes must never be placed, one over the other, or one inside the other, or both facing different directions. Always keep them separately beside each other facing in the same direction. Any deceased person’s footwear must be thrown out or buried and never be kept in home. Also, never keep your house footwear (e.g. slippers) under the bed, they must be placed on the side of bed.

  1. Using camphor in different places

From puja to skincare, from a room freshener to an essential oil, Kapur is used in different forms. The strong fragrance of camphor is loaded with healing properties, while also being known for spreading positivity. Camphor is related to the moon, and therefore assist in moon-related workings such as divination, astral travel, and dreaming. When camphor is diffused in to the air, it will clear negative or distracting energies from a space. The burning of camphor is symbolic of the destruction of human ego. When it burned, it slowly disappears without leaving any residue. Burning camphor also purifies the homes and drive away evil spirits and negative energy. Smelling camphor fumes can be very beneficial for people who are afflicted by epilepsy, hysteria and rheumatism. Burning Camphor can bring prosperity and abundance of wealth to your family. It is of two types – the edible camphor and the synthetically made camphor. Camphor is used to be made by distilling the bark and wood of the camphor (kapur) tree. Today, camphor is chemically manufactured from turpentine oil.

  1. Feed birds, animals and the poor on Saturdays

Birds and animals are an indispensable part of life in India since ages. According to Hinduism, feeding birds and animals will help appease the 9 planets (navagrahas) as per the Vedic astrology. Being generous to the birds and animals helps prevent unexpected death in family. There is a famous story in Shuka-upagyan that echoes the above fact. Once, a man brought a parrot to his home. His wife and children were happy to see the new pet. In no time, the parrot grew fond of the householders and vice versa. Everyone in the house took good care of it. One day, the parrot made a strange voice and fell down. The family took the bird to the prayer room and gave it a few drops of sacred Ganges water but it died. Due to their destiny, the family was under the sway of two of the harsh planets – Rahu and Ketu and were about to face a great deal of difficulties. The bird took the ill-effects of the planets on it and saved the family by sacrificing its life. From that day, the family started taking care of birds and animals. They gave water and food to abandoned and stray dogs, cats, cows and crows. In this way, the family were cleansed of their sins and attained peace and prosperity.

  1. Drink water from a copper vessel

Copper is an excellent conductor of energy and is known to stimulate the flow of the divine energy within us and enhance our psychic abilities. It also helps us in communicating with beings from higher spiritual dimensions. It can also move the divine vibrations from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. They promote peace, prosperity and lucid thinking. The copper vessels were used to store water and cook food earlier because of a spiritual belief that copper attracts and transmits divine/pure consciousness (Shuddha Chaitanya). Copper is known to have Sattva-Rajasic Guna (the divine and action-oriented attributes of nature) that is transferred to the water and food that it holds. You can also wear bracelets and rings made of copper to enhance your prosperity and spirituality.


  1. Remove any clutter from your house

The walls of your house are like a sponge. Whatever happens within those four walls is easily absorbed by them and transmitted to the furniture. Hence, these negative energies accumulate in the nook and corners of your house. More negative energy gets stored following a death, illness, major negative event in the house, a fight etc. The best thing to promote peace and prosperity of your house is to make sure that there is no clutter in your house, no accumulated things that are not in use, no accumulated dirt, cobwebs etc. Once you have cleaned the clutter, open the windows and let fresh air and sunlight in, and then you can burn an incense stick and a lamp (diya) in the place where there was clutter, and pray for positive energy to fill that space. Now, say to yourself a few times “I am so grateful for all the love, harmony, health, wealth and prosperity coming into my home and my life at this very moment.” Imagine brilliant light filling your home and your heart. This light is full of hope and positive and has the divine ability to bless you and those around you.