Celebrating 100 years of Sai Baba with examples from his life

Spiritual discourse (Satsang) with relevant examples from Sai Baba’s life


Mystic. Poet. Healer. Guide.


Yogamaya manifested on earth on 9 March 1987. A mystic, poet, healer and spiritual guide, she is trained in Kundalini Yoga and interprets the scriptures of all religions. She holds a PhD in improving the quality of cancer care. A deep connection with Shirdi has led her to be involved in the opening of Sai centers in India and abroad. She has published books and articles on the occult & guides people on the spiritual journey so that they can get to the destination – Truth.  She uses the cosmic number 9 in her healing practice.

Venue: Daiwik Hotels, Shirdi
Date: October 4th, 6th and 7th, 2018
Participation fee: 2 Rupees (Faith & Perseverance)

October 4 | Thursday

Time: 18.15 – 19.45

Topics covered

  1. How to live life with a purpose? Problem-solving methods in life
  2. What happens after death and how to conquer death?
  3. The secret of Yogis like Sai Baba

October 6 | Saturday

Time: 15.15 – 16.45

Topics covered

  1. Initiation by Guru and mystical secrets from other civilizations
  2. The secret of number 9 and its connection with Sai Baba

October 7 | Sunday

Time– 18.30-20.00

Topics covered

  1. How can meditation help achieve inner peace?
  2. Effective meditation techniques
  3. Ayurveda for physical ailments, mental peace and spiritual growth – how Yogis like Sai Baba used this ancient science.
  4. Vastu shastra, colour therapy, astrology – keep it personalized!
  5. How to make use of healing crystals and gems
  6. Spiritual experiences of the participants & a way forward – a group discussion