Dear Guest,

Namaskar from Daiwik Hotels!

Hope you are well. Please read the Government directives given above for religious places for your safety.

Our priority has remained the safety of our guests, our staff and our communities. In coping and navigating through this unprecedented cataclysm we have incorporated into our standard operating procedures the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of India, the local authorities from time to time and also have gathered information on best practises from World Health Organisation (WHO) that are being followed worldwide with respect to the increased hygiene standards for cleaning and disinfection measures to be followed in our hotels. We had postponed public performances involving gathering in our hotels even before the “Shut-down” orders were issued by the respective States and/or our country. We have placed hand sanitisers all around the property for guests and staff, the entrance security areas for visitors, the drivers rooms, the back office areas and our staff quarters. The commitment shown by our staff in our hotels have been exemplary and praiseworthy. A big “Thank you” to all our staff. The Head office team is in constant touch with the hotel operating teams to monitor the day to day activities and to maintain the increased health and hygiene standards of the staff and the hotels.

In response to the National lock down call made by the Prime Minster of India, Shri Narendra Modi, our hotels in Rameswaram and Shirdi are both shut. Our patrons may be rest assured that our hotels are fully equipped and ready to take care of all your needs should you decide to travel to Rameswaram or Shirdi once the lock down orders are lifted in the country. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service lines or our hotels in Shirdi and Rameswaram for updates on the operations once travel advisories are lifted to the said locations.

Keeping the difficult times in mind, Daiwik Hotels has eased the reservation and cancellation terms for our patrons. We have waived off all modification/cancellation charges for individual reservations made on our website or directly with us for arrivals till September 30, 2020 for

(a) Non-cancellable rates up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date and
(b) Cancellable rates up to 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival date.

The reservation and cancellation terms for groups, conferences, events etc with special rates will remain as finalised in the respective contracts at the time of booking. If you are booking via online travel agents (OTAs), any other travel sites or agents please make sure to check with them directly on their respective cancellation policies. We will keep reviewing our policy depending on how the pandemic evolves and government advisories from time to time.

We would like to thank all our patrons and well-wishers who have been calling us from different parts of India and the world to find out about the situation in Rameswaram, Shirdi and Kolkata and even checking on some of the individual staff members that they have become all too familiar with. We feel blessed and are overwhelmed by the concerned mails and calls.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Government authorities at the centre, state, district and local levels for their constant guidance and advisories, to the government and private hospitals, the doctors, nurses, ward helpers, the municipality helpers, the Police authorities, the vendors of essential services for all their relentless service and commitment to ensure our safety and survival. This has brought us all together across geographical boundaries like never before and we will value our community bonding more than ever. We are certain that we will all get through this crisis more stronger and safer.

From all of us at Daiwik Hotels…Stay safe and God bless.

Debashis Ghosal