Festivals, Ramanathaswamy Temple


There are a number of weekly and annual festivals when the images of deities are taken out in procession. For example, every Friday at 9 PM the goddess Parvathavardhini is taken around the third prakara enclosure in a golden palanquin. It is the annual festivals that bring pilgrims from across the land.

The calendar of annual festivals is given below. As the dates of the festivals are according to the lunar calendar.

Annual Festivals


Makar Sankranti
Maha Shivratri
Ramalinga Pratistha
Adi Amavasai Festival
Thirukalyanam Festival
(Marriage of Lord Ramanatha
with Goddess Parvatavardhini)
Navaratri 9 day Festival
Shanfasasti Festival
Vaikuntha Ekadasi

Given below is little synopsis of the annual festivals

It is the ‘Great Night of Shiva’ when it is said that he drank the deadly poison that came out of the Ocean of Milk. This is the most important festival at all jyotirlingam shrines and is celebrated with rituals and processions.

At this spring festival, the deity is worshipped with an abhishekha offering of sandal paste, flowers, incense, rose water and other cool materials.

This festival celebrated the day when the Shivalingam created by Sita was installed and worshipped by Lord Rama. Images of Lord Ramantha and Lord Rama are taken out in procession along the car streets.

The ‘holy marriage’ festival is the longest celebration at the temple. It celebrates the marriage of the god Ramanathaswamy and the goddess Parvathavardhini. The Vedas are recited every day and processions and cultural programmes are held.

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