Knowing your destiny number can change your life for good!

Has it ever happened to you that while boarding a bus or train, or while driving through some forlorn lanes in your car, you’ve come across a number, not once, not twice but several times? Sometimes you come across the same number on doors, sometimes you spot them on hoardings or posters put up on streets, sometimes it magically appears on the table as you are sipping your coffee in a café. Sometimes when you look at the clock, this number catches your eye. Whenever you see a number this frequently, you can be rest assured that the universe is trying to tell you something. The Gurus and guardian angels from the mystical realms are guiding you to the path of truth, light and peace through numbers! That number which repeatedly makes itself perceptible to you is indeed your life path number. Life path number is also known as your “Destiny Number” or in lay man terms it can be called “Lucky Number”. There are three main ways of finding it out. 1. Your Date of Birth 2. Your Name and 3. Your Door Number. Once you find out your destiny number, you can use it for simple things like adding the number to your key chain at home and work or you can simply wear a pendant of that number, or you can even live in a house number that corresponds to your destiny number. This will add to your luck, prosperity and success.

  1. Your Date of Birth:From Numerology point of view, your date of birth is most crucial. For example, if you are born on the 3rd, you bring the energy of number 3. If you are born on 15th, you need to add the digits and reduce it to a single digit (1 + 5 = 6). So, your destiny number will be 6.
  2. Your Name:To know your destiny number associated with your name, you have to add up your name and surname and reduce it to a single digit. For example, Raj Kumar (Raj = 3 and Kumar = 5, which adds to 8). Now, usually, even numbered names are considered more auspicious than odd numbered names, however, there are some exceptions to this.
  3. Your Door Number:You can also find your destiny or life path number by observing your house number. Typically, even numbered houses are said to have steady effects (both good and bad) whereas, odd numbered houses have escalated effects, which means good and bad both tend to happen in peaks, but there are some exceptions to this.