Planning an event? Make it an unforgettable one at Daiwik Hotel, Rameswaram and Shirdi. We have the expertise at organising spiritual gatherings like katha groups or celebrating the birthday of your guru; conferences and corporate events; weddings and other social occasions. At Daiwik we make every event special.

We organise religious gatherings of every kind, from meditation sessions, spiritual lectures to celebrating the birthday of your revered teacher. Or meditation sessions on the sacred days like full moon, amavasya and ekadashi. Our staff is trained for the special requirements of religious groups in matters of food and worship and they will help you with specially designed religious tours.

Make the Daiwik Hotels your regular venue for the meetings of your Katha group. We offer you well designed venues for groups of every size and also the hospitality services that you would require.

When planning a corporate event, combine work with a vacation. We offer all the expertise for a memorable conference with a difference. Then the delegates can spend their free time by the sea and palm fringed beaches at Rameswaram or visit sacred temples and historical sites.

Relax and rejuvenate the traditional way. Experienced therapist at Vyom, our spa use traditional Ayurvedic massages and beauty treatments. Also do yoga for that complete holistic approach to wellness and health.

Let us help you organise the wedding that you are planning. Our experienced staff will assist in every way possible with all the arrangements. And if required they can get you in touch with experienced wedding planners. Then on the wedding day we will serve a sumptuous banquet for an occasion everyone will remember.

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