The 5 key symbols of prosperity in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Vastu Shastra is the Indian metaphysical philosophy that brings peace, prosperity and harmony to a given environment. Feng shui (pronounced as Feng She) is the Chinese version of Vastu Shastra. These mystical treatises are wisdom that has been passed down to us by our ancient seers and sages after rigorously testing the placements and directions of the various elements of nature. The seers choose the spots for an element that yields the most beneficial results for mankind.

Good Vastu Shastra and Feng shui help you by removing the negative energies that surround you and by providing you the right opportunities to improve your life and to deal with your destiny. They cannot bring you happiness, health and wealth, if you do not work hard for it. There are striking similarities between the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, especially when it comes to the symbols that are used to create prosperity and abundance. Here are our top 5 symbols of prosperity based on Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

  1. A simple and serene main door
    The entrance or the main door is considered very important in Vastu and in Feng shui, as it is called the mouth of Kundalini Shakti or Chi (the primeval energy that is the basis of everything in this cosmos). Make sure that your main door is a simple design and not with too many complex patterns. It should not make a squeaky sound while opening or closing. It is preferable to make the door with strong wood and should be regularly cleaned to ensure that there is no dust on its surface. Also put your name plate next to the door and not on the door itself. This ensures the smooth flow of the divine energy. Do not have any waste bins or stagnant water nearby. Keeping an earthen or copper vessel with fresh water and flowers that are replaced every day near the door makes sure to attract positive energy.
  2. Laughing Buddha and Ganesha idols

Laughing Buddha and Ganesha have two things in common – both remove obstacles and both have big bellies. They are typically placed facing the door so that whoever enters sees their smiling faces. The protruding belly is a symbol of felicity and prosperity. For extra prosperity, you can rub their bellies a few times at every dawn and dusk. Remember that the laughing Buddha or Ganesha should never face their back to the guests coming in through the main door, as this is considered highly inauspicious.

  1. Water fountain, fish and miniature ship model

The idea behind having a water fountain, fish and ship in your home is the rapid movement of the water (waves), fish and the ship (mast), which is known to increase the auspicious chi energy, thereby improving your abundance, wealth and health. The exact place to keep these would be the North-west or North-eastern corners of the house. You can keep real fishes in an aquarium if you can take care of them, if not, you can keep an idol of fishes. It is important that there are no frequent deaths of fishes in case you keep real fishes in an aquarium, as this brings bad luck. Use a real water fountain, even if it is a small one. This will attract immense prosperity. In case you cannot keep a real fountain, you can also keep pictures of flowing water e.g. rainfall, waterfall, sea, lake, ocean and river. The images should show water flowing in abundance and not of a drying water body. The ship idol should have an open mast and without any wreckage.

  1. Frog with coins

Frog has a sticky tongue which is believed to attract and retain good fortune and prosperity. Display frog or frogs clustered on top of one another in your home. A group of frogs attracts more prosperity than a single frog, however do not exceed nine. The frog idols typically come in gold colour and they carry coins in their mouth. They are symbolic of everlasting prosperity. They should be placed facing your South-West corner of the house or facing the spot/drawer where money is kept in your house. They should never face away from your wallet or purse.

  1. Money plant

As per Vastu and Fengshui, money plants should be kept indoors or in your balcony in the South-east direction of the house, preferably in your living room. Southeast direction is ruled by Venus, the planet which represents wealth, jewels and liquid cash. You can keep the money plant in a green vase to attract more wealth and luck. But be sure to water it every day, and take it out in the sunshine for at least half an hour, even if your living room does not get natural sunlight. Always keep the vicinity clean of the plant clean. Remember that dry and withered money plant can greatly reduce your luck and prosperity.