The mythical and mystical beliefs about numbers

(Part – II consisting of Numbers 6-10)

Number 6

According to the Christians and Jews, man was created on the sixth day after the universe began. Triple 6 (666) is considered the Devil’s number in the Christianity. However, Mathematicians respect this number because it is the first perfect number. The Greeks also revere the number as it is associated with two of their prominent Gods – Athena the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, and Hermes, the Greek God of Communication. The number 6 is denoted by the color deep blue or indigo, which is why the sixth Kundalini chakra (Agnyeya) located on the forehead is also depicted by this colour. Sapphire and bluebell flowers are associated with 6.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • If you see the number 6 as number 9 by mistake, the day will be lucky for you. If vice versa, it will be lucky for your career but not without some struggle.
  • If you find a flower with six petals it means luck will be with you in matters of love and relationships and/or you may also get unexpected visitors.
  • A talisman with the number 6 worn on it means you will be protected against adversities.
  • Number 6 in dream signifies coitus and engaging in sensual pleasures.

Number 7

This number is considered sacred among all major religions, namely, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. According to the Christian and Jewish belief, it took six days to create the world with the seventh day was considered the day when God took rest. Ancient farmers in Europe, took rest every seven years by not sowing new seeds, thereby allowing their lands to regenerate themselves. In Buddhism and Hinduism, there are seven realms or Lokas, both above and below the earth. While the realms above lead to enlightenment, the realms below symbolize darkness and doom. In Hinduism, there are Seven great sages known as the Saptarishis (Agastya, Atri, Bharadwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha and Brighu). In Hindu marriages, the bride and the groom together circumambulate the holy fire seven times before they are declared husband and wife. They are said to be in wedlock for a minimum of seven lives. Ancient civilizations associated some powerful Gods and Goddesses with the number 7 such as Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Prosperity and Mithras the Babylonian Sun God. Even in Hinduism, Sun God, Surya, is said to travel on a white chariot pulled by 7 white horses. The number 7 is associated with the color purple and the gemstone amethyst.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • If your date of birth can be reduced to a single number that can be divided by seven, then you will have a particularly lucky life.
  • Shattering a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck.
  • If you dream about the number 7, you will soon meet your future spouse or suitable business partner.

Number 8

According to Greeks, number 8 is a number of challenges and unhappiness. The famous psychologist Carl Jung looked at 8 as a secretive and dark number. He said that it relates to our dark subconscious mind that looks like 8 constantly folding into itself like a snake swallowing its tail. In Hinduism, Vedic astrologers believe that 8 is the number of Shani (planet Saturn) who gives us hurdles and pain in life so that we transcend our ego and become a perfected human being. According to Feng Shui, the number 8 represents abundance and prosperity. It is considered lucky to live in a house which is numbered 8. The number 8 is represented by black and grey and gemstone dark blue sapphire.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • Saying your name 8 times while looking at yourself in a mirror is said to bring good luck.
  • It is unlucky to bring a person 8 flowers in a bouquet as this could harm their health.
  • A house with the address 8 will challenges related to law and in-laws.
  • If you dream about the number 8, you may get sudden loss or gain of money.

Number 9

As per the spiritual laws and occult world, 9 is considered to be the number of completion and mysticism. Ancient Romans believed that many of their Gods and Goddesses were associated with number nine, such as, Juno, the God of Abundance and Luna, the Moon Goddess. The number 9 is symbolized by the colors white and pearl but in the Eastern traditions even purple is linked to this number. 9 is linked with many gemstones such as pearl, diamond, and silver.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • Some westerners believe that it is lucky to find nine peas in a pod.
  • If you tie 9 knots around someone you love, it will bring that person closer to you, if you tie it around someone you do not get along with, it will further the distance between that person and you.
  • If your house address is number 9 or a multiple of 9, it means you are very fortunate.
  • If you dream of number 9, either you or someone in your family will soon be blessed with a child or you will meet someone saintly.

Number 10

There is a reason why we have 10 fingers and toes. 10 is the first two-digit number and thus holds great relevance. In Hinduism, there are 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Balarama and Lord Buddha). The Greeks associated number 10 with important Gods and Goddesses. Atlas was the one who took the weight of the world upon his shoulders and Uranus was the responsible for imagination and technology. For Christians, the number 10 symbolizes the Ten Commandments that were delivered to the Israelites as divine revelation. There are 10 Sikh Gurus who came down in human form, the eleventh Guru is the Guru Granth Sahib, the scripture of the Sikhs.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • Some believe that washing your hair on the 10th day of the month may get you a job or a promotion at work if you already have a job.
  • Lighting 10 mustard oil lamps at any place of worship before attending a job interview yields good results.

If you dream of number 10, your personal or business partner may cheat you.