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If you ask anyone to define Yoga you will get many answers and many of them will be intrinsically correct. Some will say that Yoga is a system of physical exercises. It can also be a form of meditation and spiritual awakening. Many think it is all those complex asanas where the body is contorted… Read More »


We all know that exercise is good for health and in our daily lives most of us do not get enough of it. We take cars everywhere, we dislike walking and take the elevator instead of stairs, we do little house work and even a stroll in the park is a rare occurrence. The decision… Read More »

Going on a Pilgrimage

It may be hard to believe but even in ancient times human beings faced stress. We talk of work stress, health stress and even long queues and traffic jams causing stress. Now think of people living in, say the first millennium, and what they faced – there were invaders and wars, poverty, famines and epidemics… Read More »

A Pilgrimage To Wisdom

No one is born wise. You gain wisdom through seeking self knowledge like all our great teachers have done. Gautama Buddha would ask two very simple questions, “Why do we feel sorrow?” and “What is the cause of sorrow and how can it be ended?” and it would take him years to find an answer.… Read More »