About Daiwik

From The Desk Of The CEO

Debashis Ghosal,
Managing Director & CEO,
Daiwik Hotels.

The cultural and spiritual heritage of India is like a vast ocean. This is a land that has respected and valued spirituality since the beginning of history.

There are countless deities in Hinduism and their temples visited by pilgrims for thousands of years. There are also innumerable Islamic, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain and Christian pilgrimages. There is an interesting story and mystique about each of them, some historic and some mythological. In fact, where the mythology begins and history ends, it is all a matter of personal belief and faith.

What is unique is that, in spiritual India, there is something for each individual to explore from these diverse religious and spiritual centres.

Daiwik Hotels, India’s first 4 star pilgrim hotel chain was established at a time when there were few professionally run hotels available to meet the needs of the discerning pilgrim. So, right from the start, our focus was on providing quality infrastructure and professional hospitality services to pilgrims.

We embarked upon this journey with the launch of our first four star property at Rameswaram followed by our hotel in Shirdi. Hotels at Tirupati, Dwarka and Gangtok will follow.

Daiwik Hotels is the first hotel group that has been conceived exclusively for pilgrims. So all our hotels are designed keeping in mind the spiritual and emotional requirements of travellers on a religious journey. Ensuring that during their stay at a Daiwik Hotel we take care of everything, leaving them free to concentrate on their spiritual quest.

At a Daiwik Hotel, you would be greeted not only with comfort, modern amenities, warm Indian hospitality and safety, but also knowledgeable information about the pilgrimage that would make your visit even more meaningful.

It’s our promise that your stay at a Daiwik Hotel will not just revitalise your body and mind, it will also rejuvenate the soul.

Winning Hearts & Minds

Since 2012 Daiwik Hotels has played host to pilgrims from within India and abroad. For instance it has led to an increase in foreign inbound tourists into Rameswaram. Then we have hosted many programmes for religious assemblies like Katha groups, where all their specific religious requirements are taken care of.

At Rameswaram we introduced a unique tour package, In the Footsteps of Lord Rama Tour, that takes you to places mentioned in the Ramayana. We did this even before the Indian government’s joint initiative to partner with Sri Lanka for the promotion of the Ramayana.

At the same time we are involved in improving the local economy as our hotels provide young men and women opportunities of employment closer home while at the same time providing them with professional training in the travel sector.

Our success is reflected in the many awards for excellence that we have won from Trip Advisor and other important domestic trade partners. Also we are deeply touched by the many positive reviews from our guests on travel websites.

Even our website has been created with a difference. It is aimed at travellers who are interested in the spiritual and historical significance of their journeys. So we provide well researched and comprehensive information on pilgrimages and pilgrim destinations all across India.