India has always been interested in spirituality and it is the land where religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism began. These religions rise from the teachings of great thinkers like the Buddha, Vardhaman Mahavir and Guru Nanak.
Over the centuries Indian thinkers, poets and writers have given us a wealth of wisdom and we would like to share it with you.
We begin with the wisest teacher of all, Gautama Buddha and some of our great Bhakti poets. These are often simple words that hide within them the wisdom of great minds…

“Overcome your uncertainties and free yourself from dwelling on sorrow. If you delight in existence, you will become a guide to those who need you, revealing the path to many.”

Gautama Buddha

The Brahmin Dona saw the Buddha sitting under a tree and was impressed by his peaceful air of alertness and his good looks. He asked the Buddha,
“Are you god?”
“No Brahmin, I am not god.”
“Then an angel?”
“No, indeed, Brahmin.”
“A spirit, then?”
“”No, I am not a spirit.”
“Then what are you?”
“I am awake.”

Anguttara Nikaya

“A person who gives freely is loved by all. It’s hard to understand, but it is by giving that we gain strength. But there is a proper time and proper way to give, and the person who understands that is strong and wise. By giving with a feeling of reverence for life, envy and anger are banished. A path to happiness is found. Like one who plants a sapling and in due course receives shade, flowers and fruits, so the results of giving bring joy. The way there is through continuous acts of kindness so that the heart is strengthened by compassion and giving.”

Gautama Buddha

“He cannot be proved, for He is uncreated;
He is without matter, self-existent
They that serve shall honoured be,
O Nanak, the Lord is most excellent.”

Guru Nanak (trans) Khushwant Singh

“You are the forest
You are all the great trees in the forest
You are bird and beast
Playing in and out of all the trees
O lord white as jasmine
Filling and filled by all
Why don’t you show me your face?

Akka Mahadevi. (trans) A.K. Ramanujan

“I beat on your door out of fear
I wasn’t born yet, I was in the womb
When a great sadness came over me
It hasn’t left me since. It’s with me now
When I am old and infirm
And time shakes me by the hair
Time strikes the drum, I’ve nowhere to turn
Says Kabir, let me in.”

Kabir (trans) A.K. Mehrotra

“To the gift of elephants, I will say no
To the gift of a huge fortune, I will say no
To the gift of a vast empire, I will say no
But, to the gift of the wise sayings
Of your devotees
Just for a moment
I will give you away
O Ramanatha.”

Devara Dasimayya (trans) H.S. Shivaprakash