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Why is number 9 so unique?

As we all know, Thursdays are considered highly auspicious in India because it is the day of the Guru (Guruvar). It is the day that the Guru Tattva (energy of the Guru within each one of us) is multiple folds more than any other day of the week. But is it pure coincidence that the… Read More »

The mythical and mystical beliefs about numbers

(Part – II consisting of Numbers 6-10) Number 6 According to the Christians and Jews, man was created on the sixth day after the universe began. Triple 6 (666) is considered the Devil’s number in the Christianity. However, Mathematicians respect this number because it is the first perfect number. The Greeks also revere the number… Read More »

The mythical and mystical beliefs about numbers

(Part – I consisting of Numbers 1 – 5) Number 1 This number is associated with the one God in all religions. For Western alchemists the number was linked to the Philosopher’s Stone, which was thought to transform base metals magically into gold. Colour red, red roses and precious stone ruby are lucky for those who… Read More »

Knowing your destiny number can change your life for good!

Has it ever happened to you that while boarding a bus or train, or while driving through some forlorn lanes in your car, you’ve come across a number, not once, not twice but several times? Sometimes you come across the same number on doors, sometimes you spot them on hoardings or posters put up on… Read More »