The mythical and mystical beliefs about numbers

(Part – I consisting of Numbers 1 – 5)

Number 1

This number is associated with the one God in all religions. For Western alchemists the number was linked to the Philosopher’s Stone, which was thought to transform base metals magically into gold. Colour red, red roses and precious stone ruby are lucky for those who have 1 as their destiny number. This is also why the first chakra (energy center) at the base of the spine (Mooladhara) is depicted by red colour.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • If you keep money in one pocket, you’ll save it. If you keep it in two pockets, you’ll lose it.
  • A one-handed or one-eyed person has high psychic powers.
  • Seeing a white horse will bring a great spiritual transformation but through a tragic situation.
  • It is better not to wash your hair on the first day of each month as this may reduce your life span.
  • If you see Number 1 in your dream, you have received a direct message from God.

Number 2

This number signifies love and also conflicts in almost all religions. It is true that where there is love, there is conflict. The Chinese believe in Ying (the receptive, constrictive female energy) and Yang (the creative expansive male energy.) In Hinduism and Christianity, the number represents the division between soul and God. For Zoroastrians, the number represents the forces of good and evil struggling to find balance. Orange colour is linked with number 2, which explains why Svadhistana chakra (the second in the chakra system) is represented by this colour.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • If two crows come near your house at the same time, there can be a wedding in the family.
  • If two people sneeze at the same time, both will get good news.
  • Two people should never drink or pour tea from the same cup or pot respectively.
  • It is lucky to have two holes in the same pair of shoe.
  • If you wash your hair on the second day of the month you will have good fortune.
  • If you dream about the number 2 somebody is jealous of you.

Number 3

This number has profound meaning in many religions. In Hinduism, there are 3 principal deities – Brahma (The creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destructor) of life. There are also 3 Gunas or attributes that an individual is born with – Sattvik (Positive), Rajasic (neutral) and Tamsic (Negative). 3 is also used for spiritual chantings, such as Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! where Shanti stands for peace. It is chanted thrice to make it effective. In Christianity, number 3 represents The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. The color yellow and yellow roses and orchids are associated with this number. In gems, number 3 denotes Topaz. This is the reason even Manipura Chakra (the third of the seven chakras) is represented by Yellow colour.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • Chanting a divine mantra thrice removes the evil.
  • It is unlucky to light three lamps from the same match.
  • Seeing a three-legged animal brings luck.
  • Washing your hair on the third day of the month is said to bring immense wealth.
  • If you see number 3 in your dream, it tells of some kind of a loss.

Number 4

In Chinese tradition, number 4 is considered unlucky. However, for the Hebrews, the number 4 is considered to be lucky because one of their names for God, Yahweh, is spelt in Aramaic with four letters. In India, the seers saw Number 4 as auspicious as it represented the four directions (North, South, East and West) as well as the four elements (Earth, Air, Wind and Fire.). For Romans, the Roman God Jupiter and for the Greeks, the Greek God Zeus, were said to be linked to number 4. Color green and gemstone emerald are associated with 4. The fourth Kundalini Chakra (Anahata) is depicted by green colour.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • A four-leaf clover brings luck.
  • Four birds clustered together on a tree branch means there will be a wedding and/or a birth in the family.
  • A house with the number 4 in the address is generally considered inauspicious.
  • If you dream about number 4, you will get an opportunity to succeed but must be careful.

Number 5

In Hinduism, 5 is considered auspicious, according to the Vedas and Vedanta, there are 5 senses (smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch), which man must control in order to liberate himself. The ancient Hindu seers believed in Panchabhootas (five elements – Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and Ether) as supposed to the Western belief of four elements (Earth, Air, Wind and Fire). The Chinese believe in 5 elements (Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and Metal). For the Sikhs, number 5 symbolizes the five sacred objects that are worn by all Sikh males. Kesh (uncut hair), Kangha (a wooden comb), Kara (an iron bracelet), Kachera (cotton underpants) and Kirpan (an iron dagger)

The color blue and gemstone aquamarine denote number 5. The fifth Kundalini Chakra (Visshuddhi) located at the throat is depicted by blue colour.

The common ancient beliefs with respect to this number are:

  • A five leafed clover is even luckier than a four leafed one.
  • Wearing a star shaped (Five-pointed) dollar on a chain brings luck.
    In the middle eastern tradition, a talisman consisting of a hand displaying all five fingers is used to remove all obstacles.

If you dream about Number 5, you may become rich and famous in the future.