Gratitude Towards Nature

If humanity is to be revived in the 21st century, then it must undertake a great shift in our consciousness. There is so much going on globally at the moment in terms of pollution, terrorism, and diseases among many other unfortunate events. Each one of us first needs to realize the eternal relationship that exists between us and our planet. To revive our ailing environment, each of us needs to spread the healing energy, compassion and love in our society. We must do whatever help we can do to save our earth and earthlings. This is the only way we can express our deep gratitude for all the blessings we have while we inhabit this planet. As we strive to realize the oneness with all life on earth, each of us will come to know what it truly means to make the most of our own lives and feel the gratitude for the same.

You can start by planting a tree in your backyard, donating books and clothes that you no longer use, educating a child, and cleaning the street. You can even visit orphanages and old age homes and spend some of your time with the underprivileged. There are many ways in which you can show gratitude towards your environment. Feed even one stomach that aches out of hunger and see the happiness that it brings to you and to the person at the receiving end. The list is endless. Like a garden that requires nurturing for seeds to grow into trees, we need to nurture our environment, until love and gratitude comes streaming out from our hearts naturally. We shouldn’t have to think to pick up a piece of garbage on the street and dispose it properly. We shouldn’t have to think to help the poor and the destitute. We shouldn’t have to think of feeding the stray animals and birds. It should come naturally and be the very essence of our being.

As we revive this spirit of gratitude within us, our words, thoughts and actions of gratitude toward our beloved society, nation, planet and universe will allow all the beings to rejoice in the power of love and peace. And this will eventually enable them to heal themselves. Each one of us has multitude of things to be thankful for in our life, starting with the countless gifts from Mother Nature. Think of a day without the light and the warmth of the sun, think of a night without the silence and softness of the moon. Think of the food, water and natural elements that our divine Mother Nature has provided us to sustain ourselves physically. Think of the limbs, the organs, the bones and each and every cell in your body that is keeping you alive to experience life itself!

We should be grateful for our family, friends, relatives and well-wishers, who share our laughter and sorrows. Think of the myriad of people who make up our neighborhood, our society, our nation and our planet. In some way, we all are connected even though you may not be able to feel it just yet. Think of what you have done for any of these people? Have you touched even one life other than yours? If not, then now is the right time for action, for giving, for gratitude! How many times have you thanked the earth, while taking your footsteps? How many times have you thanked the glass of water for quenching your thirst? How many times have you looked up at the sun, moon and the stars in awe? How many times have you hugged a tree or a fellow being? Let the harmonious energy permeate our existence and spread to everything in our environment, let us reawaken our inner power of divine consciousness to heal ourselves and those around us.

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