Gratitude for yourself

When people think of gratitude, they often picture being grateful for others. Treating others in your life with compassion is an easy way to express how thankful you are for them. Plus, your act of gratitude can do wonders for boosting that person’s morale and motivation to live life to the fullest. However, we tend to forget to be grateful to ourselves, our values, our strengths, our weaknesses and our own beliefs. This lesser known form of gratitude is called Self-gratitude. It is synonymous with Self-care and Self-love because they ultimately mean one and the same. Having Self-gratitude is about being grateful for yourself, for what you have, and the life that you are born into. By practicing Self-gratitude, you can become more positive and happier. You cannot make others happy until you are happy with yourself. Real happiness comes by being at complete peace with yourself.

Here are some ways in which you can show gratitude towards yourself: Treat yourself to something you enjoy, this could be a nice meal, a movie, a pedicure, a manicure or a massage. Buy yourself some nice fresh flowers. Take a day off work and grab a meal at a cozy place outside or at home by yourself. It will be better if you can cook yourself your favourite dish and reward yourself with the delicious meal that you make. Pause before eating that special meal of yours and be thankful to the universe for it.

Thank yourself by looking at yourself in a mirror. Compliment yourself for your inner beauty. Share the beauty that is you with those around you, and know that they are truly fortunate to have you in their lives. Write yourself a letter, wherein you describe all the things you admire about yourself. List down the good qualities you have and the weakness that you’d like to improve upon.

Meditate and take a walk in a garden. Chant a hymn or hum a song that you like. Spend some time to show your love to your family, friends, pets and colleagues. Have those occasional impromptu conversations with neighbors and strangers that make you feel special. Make a list of ways you’ve impressed yourself in your life so far, write down your accomplishments, fears and failures. Make a list of things and people that you are grateful for. Think of two positives for every negative thought that you have about you and your life. Live in the present moment. Look at the old photos and postcards that remind you of who you are today and how you got this far in life. Be thankful to those memories.

If someone compliments you, thank them and let them know you’re proud of their skills, talents and accomplishments, not just yours. Give yourself time to enjoy a passion you’re sometimes too busy to fit in among your busy schedule. This could include painting or poetry, music or dance.

Remember the good things you’ve done for people and be grateful that you were offered that opportunity by the universe. Forgive yourself for any mistakes that you may have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Thank those imperfect moments in your life because nothing is perfect except for your true Self.

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