5 Reasons: Rameswaram Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

RAMESWARAM – a small town but a major pilgrim centre in Tamilnadu, sits on Pamban Island in the Gulf of Munnar. At its heart, stands the majestic Ramathaswamy Temple, one of the greatest shrines in India.

Rameshwaram is known as one of the ‘Chaar Dhams of India’ and therefore is very important to all Hindus. This is the place where you not only connect to divinity in close proximity to nature.

Rameshwaram is a place where one should visit once in a lifetime if not more. Sharing here 5 reasons to visit Rameshwaram:

  • Agnitheertham

    1. A holy bath at Agnitheertham and the 22 holy Teerthams(wells) inside the temple

    It is customary to take a bath in Agniteertham before entering the temple. Inside the temple are 22 holy Teerthams and it is believed that taking a bath or sprinkling yourself with the water from these Teerthams atones all sins.Agnitheertham is where Sita bathed in the sea (according to Mythology) and offered prayers to Lord Shiva.

  • Dhanushkodi

    2. A must visit – Dhanushkodi

    At the most south-eastern tip of Rameswaram, there lies the beautiful beaches of Dhanushkodi. Govt of Tamilnadu has constructed a beautiful road right till the beach from where you can observe the magical confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean. This is the point from where the bridge was built by Lord Rama to Lanka as per the Ramayana. When you stand on the beach it’s like walking in the footsteps of Lord Rama.

  • Pamban Bridge

    3. A thrilling train ride over a sea bridge

    Yes, we are talking about that beautiful Pamban bridge which connects Rameshwaram to the rest of the country. Imagine yourself taking a train ride over the floating sea bridge and witnessing the panoramic beauty of pristine blue sea all around! This is such a memorable experience and it can only be had on India’s first sea bridge connecting the mainland to Rameswaram.

  • The Ramanathaswamy Temple

    4. The Ramanathaswamy Temple

    It plays the most significant role in your trip to Rameshwaram. The Rameswaram Temple is considered as one of the finest examples of Dravidian architecture and has the longest corridor with a length of 1240 metres. In the main sanctum sanctorium is a shivling consecrated by Lord Rama himself as per mythology to pray for forgiveness for killing Ravana, a brahmin and great devlotee of Lord Shiva.

  • Brilliant Water Sports

    5. Brilliant Water Sports

    It is not just for spirituality or pilgrimage Rameswaram is famous. Today it is also well known for water sports and visited a lot by the adventure freaks too. So if you like the idea of kayaking around the island, scuba diving or windsurfing or even going out on a banana boat, the Rameswaram is the place where you want to be.

So Rameswaram is a place where there is much to do and lots to see. You can easily stay there for 3 nights and explore all the beaches, Flora and fauna and still feel that you have not had enough of it. Check out Daiwik Hotels. It is a great place to stay. Has the best food in town and wonderful warm hospitality? It is also in close proximity to the temple and other places of interest.

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