5 food ingredients that will make you prosperous

Besides being popular in cooking, certain herbs and spices have had many uses in folklore, magic, spirituality and in increasing the positive energy on an environment. The following is a list of 5 common ingredients from the kitchen that will create magic in your food but also in other walks of life. You may choose to use them individually or you may choose to keep them in a small pouch inside your handbag or wallet. You can keep them anywhere you feel you need to remove the negative energy, be it at home or at work, these ingredients will remove obstacles and instantly create a positive ambience for you to steadily prosper.

  1. Fennel (Saunf) and clove (lavang)

The roman soldiers used these two herbs before going to a war. The British farmers used to rub these herbs on their plough with the hope that it would bring better harvest. Ancient priests and seers used to chew these herbs to help them stay awake during prolonged religious ceremonies. They have been used in tea for centuries owing to their detoxifying effect. Tying a small pouch containing fennel and/or clove on your door is said to keep away the ghosts and spirits. It is also used to remove the spell that someone may have cast on you, especially if someone is gossiping about you or is ruining your image in public. Consuming fennel and clove improves clairvoyance, fertility, longevity, healing, memory, courage and strength.


  1. Cardamom (Elaichi)

The campherous intoxicating aroma of cardamon is spicy, sweet yet somewhat floral. Spiritually, cardamom helps in clearing any confusions or doubts in the mind. The combination of cardamom and Ylang ylang creates a divine oil that can remove all kinds of stress and mental depression. It can bring great prosperity especially in love or married life. Cardamom was a symbol of royalty and luxury and was used to manufacture perfumes even during the Greek and Roman eras. No wonder India’s key Ayurvedic texts – the Charaka Samhita and Susrutha Samhita, are full of praises for cardamom.


  1. Lemon and rock salt

Lemon and salt combination is probably the most cost-effective cleaning agent of the body, mind and spirit; it helps instantly absorb the negative energy. You can drink it with some warm water in the morning and evening and even take bath with this juice to soak up all the prosperous energy. Put some slices of lemon and sea salt in a bowl and place it near the bed, living room or your work station and it’ll instantly remove the negative vibes and will boost up the positive energy in and around you. But remember to remove the dried contents after three, seven or nine days either by throwing it outside the house or by dissolving it into a stream of water.


  1. Garlic and ginger

It is hard to think of a yummy meal without the garlic and ginger flavor. But for centuries, these two ingredients have been used beyond our kitchen counters and dinner table. It is believed that if you consume a garlic clove before you go in or over water (either while swimming or while you are on a flight), you will be protected from drowning or negative incidents pertaining to water. This is why back in those days, sailors used to carry garlic because they believed it protected them from sinking. During the middle-ages, roman soldiers and knights wore garlic for self-defense against their enemies. Putting a garlic clove under your pillow is believed to protect you from insomnia, psychic possessions by evil spirits and bad dreams. Braids of garlic are believed to prevent thieves and jealous people from prying your home or property. In ancient times, ginger was highly regarded as a spiritual cleanser and used before and during holy days as a way to purify the body, mind, and spirit. A cup of warm ginger water can remove all kinds of intestinal and respiratory issues. Consuming ginger and garlic every day is said to remove lethargy, sickness, delusions and cowardliness.


  1. Jaggery

In the ancient times, it was the first spice to be exported from India. Throughout India, jaggery continues to be used extensively in cooking. The majority of the popular Indian sweets are made out of this special ingredient. Many of our ancestors had the habit of putting a little jaggery in their mouth before starting off any auspicious work e.g. birthday celebrations, wedding, business dealings, first day at work or at an educational institution etc. If you want to bring sweet prosperity into your life, then be sure to add a pinch of jaggery to your mouth and to your pocket (in a pouch) at least twice a week.