Travelling to Rameswaram


When to go

Rameswaram is a tropical area and the weather is hot and humid all the year round. The coolest months are November and December. However it is also the rainy season in Tamil Nadu.

How to go

By Air

The nearest airport is in Madurai (174 km).

By Road

Madurai is connected to Rameswaram via NH-49.
Even connecting Trains & Buses from Madurai is always available.
Chennai (556 km) is connected to Rameswaram as well via East Coast Road (ECR ) upto Ramnad & then NH- 49 follows.

By Bus

If you’re travelling by road, there are well-organised bus and private taxi services from Trichi, Coimbatore and Madurai.
Daiwik Hotels – one of the best hotels in Rameswaram, is next to the main bus stand in Rameswaram on NH 49.

By Rail

If you are travelling by train, there are direct trains from Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, and Benares. You’ll know you’re approaching someplace special when you wake up to an early morning view of the Pamban Bridge with the sea on either side.
Following is a Train schedule upto February 2015 :

Train No. Train Type From To Departure Arrival Days
15119 Exp Rameshwaram Manduadih 11:00:00 PM 4:45:00 AM Wed
15120 Exp Manduadih Rameshwaram 9:00:00 PM 12:35:00 AM Sun
16851 Exp Chennai Egmore Rameshwaram 7:15:00 PM 8:35:00 AM Daily
16852 Exp Rameshwaram Chennai Egmore 5:00:00 PM 6:35:00 AM Daily
16617 Exp Rameshwaram Coimbatore Jn 7:00:00 PM 6:40:00 AM Wed
16618 Exp Coimbatore Jn Rameshwaram 7:45:00 PM 6:30:00 AM Tue
16733 Exp Rameshwaram Okha 10:00:00 PM 1:50:00 PM Friday
16734 Exp Okha Rameshwaram 7:30:00 AM 7:30:00 PM Tue
16779 Exp Tirupati Rameshwaram 1:00:00 PM 7:35:00 AM Sun, Tue, Fri
16780 Exp Rameshwaram Tirupati 4:00:00 PM 10:15:00 AM Mon, Thu, Sat
16793 Exp Rameshwaram Faizabad Jn 11:00:00 PM 8:30:00 AM Sun
16794 Exp Faizabad Jn Rameshwaram 11:55:00 PM 7:10:00 AM Wed
18495 Exp Rameshwaram Bhubaneshwar 8:40:00 AM 6:55:00 PM Sun
18496 Exp Bhubaneswar Rameshwaram 12:00:00 PM 11:00:00 PM Friday
22621 Exp Rameshwaram Kanyakumari 8:55:00 PM 4:10:00 AM Mon, Thu, Sat
22622 Exp Kanyakumari Rameshwaram 10:00:00 PM 5:20:00 AM Sun, Tue, Fri
22661 Exp Chennai Egmore Rameshwaram 5:50:00 PM 4:35:00 AM Daily
22662 Exp Rameshwaram Chennai Egmore 8:15:00 PM 7:05:00 AM Daily
56721 Pass Madurai Rameshwaram 12:15:00 PM 4:35:00 PM Daily
56722 Pass Rameshwaram Madurai 11:15:00 AM 3:10:00 PM Daily
56723 Pass Madurai Rameshwaram 6:45:00 AM 10:30:00 AM Daily
56724 Pass Rameshwaram Madurai 5:25:00 AM 9:20:00 AM Daily
56725 Pass Madurai Rameshwaram 6:10:00 PM 10:30:00 PM Daily
56726 Pass Rameshwaram Madurai 6:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Daily
56829 Pass Tiruchchirapalli Rameshwaram 6:40:00 AM 12:45:00 PM Daily
56830 Pass Rameshwaram Tiruchchirapalli 1:55:00 PM 10:25:00 PM Daily


Hotel Location
From Ramanathaswamy Temple 3 km
From Rameswaram bus stand on NH 49 100 m
From Rameswaram railway station 2.5 km

For Further Information, Please contact :
Tamil Nadu Tourism website Or you may get in touch with :
Tamil Nadu Tourist Office
Bus Stand Complex, Rameswaram – 623526.